chief suspect

The Murder Mystery Game

A mystery that has remained unsolved throughout the decades:
what happened to Lucy? A newspaper holds the solution!
(Click on articles to try and find clues)
ralph murder mysteryClick pic for the Sir Ralph murder mystery
Alex Hunter - Lord of the Mind - Downloadable Game
Murder Mystery Game
This is a very deep, clever and affordable mystery game that will appeal to a wide spectrum of mystery game players. It includes clever puzzles presented in a mysterious, atmospheric world. Ideal for those of you who love solving things! Click HERE
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Headline: Murder Mystery Remains Unsolved!

Chief Suspect, the free murder mystery game, has been online for a little over a year now and I have to report that the Lucy Lindo mystery is still yet to be solved! Reading through the theories posted, however, I have to say that one person (who shall remain unidentified) did come quite close. There’s a little clue for you! But close isn’t good enough! And so into Chief Suspect’s second year I go, still awaiting for that solution to appear on the theories page!

Don’t forget that the ‘Sir Ralph Murder Mystery’ is still available – the link is at the top right of this page. Although separate from the Lucy Lindo mystery game, it might just hold a clue or two for you to consider. Enough clues already!!!

The sleuth is out there somewhere, I’m sure, who can finally reveal all!

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